Monday, September 24, 2012

June Finds Friends

JUNE 2012. That's her name. Tiny little thing.

I'M NOT really a cat person, but I live in the country and I need mouse catchers. And I love black and white- in fact that's the only color cat I've had in 40 years. And people know that. So I get a call, and I bring home this new addition to the family. Drag out the cat litter box, situate the household. Discovered hundreds of fleas, so I had to give her a bath. I held her in one hand and lowered her into warm water. The water turned red instantly. It took me an hour to pick them all out.

SHE cried for days. So I introduced her to Navarre, my great Dane. 180 pounds... but loves cats. The feeling was reciprocated. As long as Navarre was in sight, she seemed happy. I couldn't leave them together without supervision, though, she weighed about a pound. So I crated her at night – facing Navarre, and we all got some sleep.

DID I mention that my 2 other male cats wanted nothing to do with her? 2y (rhymes with gooey) is 13 years old, and I would love for him to share some of his stalking techniques with June. He's a master. Pirate is only 2, but with a broken hip. Neither of these guys want anything to do with a kitten.

2Y played "Not the Mom" for a week. Wouldn't even look at her. And Pirate was nowhere in sight. Did June cave? No way.

EVENTUALLY, 2y looked at June, then even let her touch him. Now he plays just like a kitten again. Oh, and Pirate came around too.

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  1. This essay and the photo captions are just about unbearable! How precious is this freaking story! Thanks for sharing, Nadi!