Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Business Card Art

Several years ago I attended a seminar by Andrea Adler, where I learned great ways to market myself. This was my favorite. I was told to purchase business cards in a variety of my painting photos. I chose 8 paintings that fit the shape. When asked for a card I would have people pick their favorite. In doing so they were actually "choosing" their first painting of mine, possibly opening a door for future purchases. I love it- some people REALLY can't decide!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

I PAINT every day of the year. I'm a full-time artist creating acrylic and watercolor art. Most of my art is commissioned, and when I can find extra time I paint for myself. This week I finished my dining room chairs. It only took 6 years. I acquired 8 different oak chairs at garage sales, and eventually painted them in all the colors of my house. The butter and lavender walls are newly painted as well. Hmmm...I think it's time for a dinner for 8.