Friday, June 22, 2012

Nadi's 15 Artist Survival Suggestions

1. Paint every day, whether you “feel like it” or not.

2. Get 9 hours sleep every night.

3. Get computer-savvy. You need your work to be seen, and today’s art buyers are looking online.
     Understand that, no matter how proficient you become on your computer, there will always be frustration. If you think of yourself as a student for life, you will enjoy the journey.

4. Learn 1 new skill on your computer each day.
    It could take 5 minutes like learning how to change your password, or 4 hours, to put “Buy Now” buttons on all your art.

5. Use a  2-year day-planner designed for artists. It will become your #1 tool as it simplifies and organizes your life.

6. Have 3 paintings on your easels, 20 in your day-planner, and 100 in your head.

7. Look for beauty in unexpected places.

8. Listen to a variety of music as you paint.
     I listen to movie soundtracks to ease into the morning, celtic to calm me, opera to get the juices flowing, and screamo to push me through a long night. Pandora Radio is magic.

9. If you are feeling discouraged, clean the windows in your studio. Your outlook will change immediately.

10. Break the rules.
       Hence “suggestions” in the title. If they were rules, I would be trying to break them.

11.  Seek out accomplished artists whom you respect, and learn from them. Never before has there been such a plethora of artists willing to share their expertise and passion.
       Robert Genn, Artists Helping Artists

12.  Find a “kindred spirit”,  an artist of like mind.  Talk frequently, share your experiences and support each other.

13. Create an “I LOVE” scrapbook. It will be your best friend.
        (see mine here)

14. Always act on sudden creative urges. Artistic growth always trumps commissions.
      But be responsible to clients. I try to schedule in “lost time” in my day-planner.

15. Tell the universe what you want and ask for opportunities. Then keep your eyes and heart open so you will recognize them when they appear.