Saturday, September 22, 2012

Bearly Asleep

LAST NIGHT, at 2:00am, I jumped awake to the sound of Navarre's barking. He's a 180-pound Great Dane with some health issues, so he's been sleeping in the porch instead of in the house. The problem is, because of the easy access to the yard, he now has the urge to chase animals of the night. Not far – and only for as long as it takes to wake me.

IT WAS a bear last night. Navarre and I have an agreement. If he hears a bear in the trash can, he barks. Then I reach for my truck keys in bed and honk the horn, which scares off the bear. It works most nights. But last night Navarre chased him and I had to get dressed to get him back to the house.

AND  I can't go back to sleep. No problem. I just start working. I finished 3 paintings actually, and at 6:00 went back to bed.

Cochon, my daughter's dog.

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