Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Nova Color

 MY FAVORITE paint. Nova Color paint from Artex Manufacturing Company in Culver City, CA. I paint all of my acrylic paintings with Nova Color. It is an amazing product, shipped directly to the artist since 1965. Since there is no middle man, the cost is much lower than buying tube paints. I purchase once or twice a year, in gallon size. If I should find I am out of a color, I order online and paints are delivered to my door in 1-2 days. Love that. Customer service is very personal; you can always talk to an expert if you have questions (the first time I painted a mural on a metal tank they were very helpful about preparing the surface.) SO glad I found this paint.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your knowledge! I hope other artists out there, appreciate your help. This kind of information should save them a lot of time, and money :-) Leah Launey