Sunday, March 17, 2013

Boxes for Shipping Canvases

Do you ship paintings? I discovered this really great way to cut down boxes to ship paintings.
   1. Make sure both ends are taped shut.
   2. Decide how deep you want your box (I want about 1.5 inch to ship canvases), take a box cutter and cut 1.5 down from the top, all the way around. Then do the same with the bottom.
   3. Throw away the middle and you have 2 exact pieces that fit one inside the other, for a perfect, strong flat box. I then mark the size on the box and store for when I need it.


  1. Great idea, thanks for this post!

  2. Wednesday is box day at the market. With my tape measure, I take only boxes with top measurements of the canvas sizes I use. It's amazing how fast they add up. I have 5 20x20 ready to go!