Saturday, October 20, 2012

#85 Fox Theater: 2

I GET TO the studio Friday morning. Redraw AGAIN onto the watercolor board (Crescent Illustration Board) but I can't start painting. To avoid work I go to Facebook, post on my daughter's wall:

Me: Where are you when I need you? I have to finish a large watercolor by Monday- I've thrown 2 tries away and I CAN'T START on the 3rd. (I'm on FB again to procrastinate.)

Kelty: I wish I was there to motivate you instead of at work! Lol believe me. If it helps, I have never seen one of your "tries" that wasn't also exceptional. smileJust go for it you talented lady!

Me: I always remember when I couldn't paint the lion's eyes and you handed me a brush, gave me that "I know best" look of yours, and told me to "just do it". I've used that a hundred times. 

SO QUIT whining and use it now. Back to work. OK. I don't like how the board accepts my watercolor paints, but when I use Nova Color acrylics watered down, it bleeds like a dream. I start with the sky and by the end of the day the tree's first lay-in is finished.

HOME to the dogs and a movie...

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