Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Painting A Day

WENDY McKELLAR of Colors Art Gallery and I have an art show running from June 1st to August 19th at the Creative Center in Visalia, CA. Just for fun, I challenged myself and her to create a painting a day for the duration of the show That's 80 paintings. For my part, the paintings will be painted either en plein air or in my studio. Either way, each piece will be a scene captured in the 2 miles between my studio and my home. I will post here daily. Enjoy my home town!

All paintings are acrylic on canvas unless stated otherwise.



  1. Are they all acrylic? on board or on canvas? Great fun to recognize the sites and to watch you set such a brisk pace!

  2. So far all acrylic on canvas. Thanks.