Saturday, September 19, 2009

1st Saturday in Three Rivers

FOR THE PAST 5 months, on the 1st Saturday, I have invited people into my studio for a free lunch, the recipe from my latest recipe greeting card. As an artist, I need to have a constant flow of creative energy and I get it from many sources- looking at artwork, listening to music, pasting in my "I Love Scrapbook". The main source, however, comes from the people I interact with.

NADI'S TABLE 1st Saturday has been fabulous. What can I say – good food, good people – lots of laughing. (OK– and lots of compliments.) And, sure, I made sales. But, more than money, I need to be passionate. Those who enjoy my studio and my art are all talented people in their own right- and it's that bouncing off each other's ideas that I love. It's such a rush.

THIS MONTH is the kick-off for an event that grew from my little endeavor. 1st Saturday in Three Rivers will start on October 3rd. It embraces the whole down-town. Musicians, dancers, artists, restaurants, even a story-teller– are all joining in, offering specials, refreshments and entertainment. If you want to stay later to enjoy the drum circle, stay the weekend – there will be discount rates at hotels. And of course, don't forget my studio. I will be serving Roasted Oranges and Bell Pepper Soup – free as long as it lasts!

To find out more, click on "1st Saturday in Three Rivers" above.


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