Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Turkeys!: Day 4, Finished Painting

I BELONG to 2 women's groups, a canasta group of 8 that has been meeting once a month for over 30 years, and a newer group of 9 women that meet to discuss important parts of our lives (WOW- Women of Wisdom). At the WOW meeting last night I realized that we are TURKEYS! In both groups, we are a rafter of non-laying hens that flock together – too old to lay eggs, but with a lot to live for! So this painting is dedicated to all the hens in my life. Thank you ladies – you are my teachers, my support, my friends. I love you!

COLORS are blocked in.

DETAILS are added. I love it! Thanks for joining me. If you have any questions, just ask in the comment section. I'm happy to answer questions.



  1. I will think of you everytime I am easdropping on wild turkeys talking to each other!!!!
    The Painting is WONDERFUL... what are you naming it? I love that you showed us the painting BEFORE added the finishing detail... it makes the completed painting even more magical!

  2. Your paintings are truly amazing!